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Winter Camping Hacks


Winter camping can be fun, but it can also be just plain freezing. Plan ahead to make your cold-weather camping trip comfortable and fun.

11 Winter Camping Hacks

1 Stay hydrated. It’s easy to get dehydrated in the winter. Eat and drink plenty of carbs.

2 Keep your water bottles upside down so they freeze at the bottom first.

3 Fill coffee/cook pots with water before bed. It’s hard to pour frozen water, but easy to thaw it if it’s already in the pot.

4 Use wooden utensils, not metal ones.
Since metal can get super cold, metal utensils can cause the temperature of whatever you’re cooking to drop quickly. Use wooden or plastic utensils instead.

5 Hook a key ring to your zippers to make them easier to unzip.
When it’s really cold outside and you have on a lot of layers, it can be hard to find your zipper—-especially with cold hands or while you’re wearing very thick gloves. A simple solution is to hook an old key ring on the zipper handle.

6 Avoid Cotton – wear Synthetics.
Whatever you do, don’t wear Cotton Jeans — they take forever to dry. Synthetics are cheaper than wool and do a good job of drawing sweat and moisture away from the body.

7 Put boiling water in your water bottle and sleep with it at your feet.
Fill your water bottle with boiling water (make sure it’s able to withstand boiling temperatures, like a Nalgene) and put a sock around it. Keep it in your sleeping bag for extra warmth. As a Bonus you will have non-frozen water to drink in the morning.

8 Don’t sleep with your face buried under the covers/sleeping bag.
The moisture from your breath will cancel out the insulating properties of your sleeping gear.

9 If you’ve got room in your sleeping bag, keep your clothes for the next day in there with you.
Avoid having big pockets of air between you and the sleeping bag — it’s just more space that you’ll have to expend body heat trying to warm up. Instead, stuff your outfit for the next day in there with you and as a bonus, you won’t have to put on cold clothes in the morning.

10 A zipped up coat or even an empty hiking bag pulled over the foot of a sleeping bag makes an extra layer of insulation.

11 Buy your winter camping essentials when they’re on sale during the summer.
Sportsmans Wharehouse and Outdoorwarehouse usually have a wide variety of camping gear and clothes on sale during their seasonal sales.

Finally – remember to take your Bushlite Camping Lights along! It is robust and safe to use indoors and outdoors.

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