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In 2017 Bushlites South Africa was purchased by Terry Collins from Annwen Morgan, The era for this African original continues, whether you are looking to light up your garden or use it to guide you around your campsite late at night and keep your campsite free of mosquitoes by using the optional mosquito clip and pad.Your Bushlites will never let you down.

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About the Bushlites – Candle Lanterns South Africa

The Bushlites comes in brass, silver, green and red. They feature a unique spring loaded candle mechanism that ensure all the candle wax is used. This results in no wax being messed or wasted. Our bushlite candle lanterns fit standard shop bought candles, which can be cut to size. The last approximately 4 hours. We do however sell longer lasting candles which last approximately 6 hours – our range includes both unscented candles and citronella candles.

The Bushlite Candle lantern is contractible to a mere 15 cm’s for easy transport and storage. The glass of the lantern is German engineered to be heat resistant and is very hard to break.

This robust campsite light wont let you down and you will be camping companion for many years to come.

Candle Lanterns South Africa