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Bushlite Candle Lantern Cleaning Instructions


Your bushlite candle lantern should always look beautiful whilst lighting up your room, tent, campsite, bar area, well basically anywhere you can think of…To ensure your bushlite candle lantern continues to look as good as new, it may require some cleaning from time to time. Below are the step by step for your bushlite candle lantern cleaning instructions.

  • Allow the candle lamp to cool and the wax to harden.
  • Compress all three mantle claws (4) together and lift out the complete mantle unit from which the glass (5) is easily removed.
  • Vigorously rinse the heat deflector and then wipe clean with tissue paper.
  • Polish the glass with tissue or newspaper soaked in spirit for stubborn stains.
  • Separate the outer casing (6), the candle holder and the base and remove any excess wax.
  • Soak all parts in boiling water, wipe clean and reassemble.
  • All brass parts and the silver candle lamps can be polished.

Bushlite candle lantern cleaning instructions-Gauteng


Take this….Bushlite-candle-lantern-cleaning-instructions-Gauteng
And get it looking like this again…



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