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African Bush Light Frequently asked Questions answered.

1) What is a Candle Lantern?.

A Candle Lantern like the South African Bushlite is in essence a “Candle holder” with a glass chimney tucked into a base, the candle sits in the base. A candle sits in the base.The Bushlite however is so much more, it also fully utilise all the wax with its unique spring loaded candle tube, giving a longer burning time

2) How much light does the South African Bushlite give?

Officially one candle power but with the unique design, light enhancement has been achieved. Put the Bushlite on any dinner table and you will see that ample light is generated. The same goes with any tent or small-medium area you need light, The Bushlite delivers!

3) How long does a candle last for?

Standard shop bought candles cut to size will burn for approximately 4-5 hours. However, we do sell specially made candles on-line which burn for approximately 6 hours.

4) Where does the candle’s wax go?

It burns….or to be more specific all the wax burns up on demand as the candle lantern is spring loaded, no waste, no mess. An eco friendly (all) wax using lighting device.

5) Is it easy to clean the candle holder and glass fitting?

Yes, after a little bit of practice you will be able to “break down” the parts to be able to access the Bushlite Glass, this can be washed (when required) with simple warm water and soap. The Bushlite Glass can get a soot build up if the area you hang it is very windy area.

Please see our bushlite candle lantern cleaning instructions for detailed instructions.

6) Is the Bushlite wind resistant?

Yes but within reason, a howling wind may blow it out but it is not likely due to the design.

7) How does the Bushlite kill mosquitoes?

You fit a brass Mozzie Clip to the top of the candle lantern, add a Doom or any other Vapour pad, the heat generated will kill mosquitoes in a closed environment such as a tent or outdoors as long as there is no wind. Please ensure that you follow the vapour pad manufacturers instructions and warnings before applying the pad to the Bushlite Mozzie Clip.

You can also use citronella candles – for sale on this site – in place of a standard candle to keep mosquitoes away.

8) Is The Bushlite safe?

The Bushlite is a safe product when used correctly but as with any flame, care must be taken as the product is powered by a candle and fire is always a risk. If used in a responsible way, The Bushlite will give you many years of safe effective and cheap light. When hanging the Bushlite in a tent, ensure that you allow it to hang at least 50cm below the roof of the tent as the Bushlite generates heat and this could be a fire risk or could damage/discolor the area directly above the Bushlite.

9) Can the Candle Lantern be used indoors and outdoors?

The Bushlite Candle Lantern is suitable as an outdoor light and for indoor lighting. Though originally designed as a camping outdoor light, the lantern candle has cemented its place indoors as an emergency light during load shedding spells as it is economical to use, compact to store and does not give off any fumes like gas or paraffin lights.

10) Do you Sell and ship outside of South Africa?

Yes we can sell and ship to anywhere but buyers outside of South Africa needs to contact us before purchasing as the shipping costs etc are all unique depending on where you are and how many Bushlites you order. International buyers can also select “Local Pickup” if they wish to use the online buying facilities and make shipping arrangements themselves as we can not predetermine the shipping costs to all international destinations.

11) Can I pick up my Bushlite Candle Lantern and save on delivery costs?

Yes you can fetch your orders in Midrand, Gauteng – address available on request. Please select the Local Pickup option during checkout if you prefer to follow the “pick up” route.

12) Is the Bushlite a South Africa’s version of the USA made UCO Candle Lantern?
No, the Bushlite camping light only resembles the UCO in that they are both Candle Light Lanterns geared towards the outdoor camping market and that both are flame powered. The Bushlite was uniquely designed more than 20 years ago in Zimbabwe as a camping lantern.

13) What makes the Bushlite stand out against other Camping Lanterns?

  • Long Burning – The Innovative spring loaded candle tube keeps the flame height constant and maximises the candles burn time – up to an average of 5 hours per half standard candle, up to 6 hours per long burning candle – which is also for sale on our website. (so approximately 10 hours using one full length shop bought candle)
  • It is light and collapsible – compact, easy to store. Only 17 cm high when collapsed and 24 cm when fully extended.
  • It is cheap to run and to maintain – Accessories and replacement part such as the Brass adapter for a mozi (mosquito) clip, the Bushlite lantern stand, extra glass chimney etc – are sold at very affordable prices.
  • It uses a standard shop bought candle – many candle lanterns can only be used with custom made candles.
  • Safe – no naked flame, no spilled wax if it falls, no combustible fuels, no complicated starting procedures, can be used safely indoors and outdoors.
  • The Bushlite Candle Lantern is both a standing lantern and a hanging lantern, the brass handle makes it very easy to hang anywhere or to carry.
  • Reliable – no batteries to fail or replace, no recharging required.
  • Environmentally friendly – no batteries or fuel cartridges to dispose of.
  • Robust – it is made to last you many years.

15) Where can I buy a spare glass chimney and other accessories for the Candle Lantern?

The candle lantern and all its accessories are for sale online, right here on our site.

16) Where can I find bushlite candle lanterns near me?

We have an online shop and we deliver to anywhere in South Africa and most countries overseas.

17) Do you have any customer reviews?

See what some of our Bushlite fans have to say about us:

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