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How to load your bushlite


You’ve bought your very first bushlite and may be asking yourself how do you load your bushlite…

Load your bushlite

  • If you are using standard 400g candles, cut the candle in half. To make use of the bottom half of the candle, pull the tail piece of the wick out of the bottom of the candle and insert the candle upside down…turn your approximately 4 hours of light to 8 hours using both halves of the candle. It would probably be safer to perform the surgical preparation during daylight hours.
  • Twist and remove the base (10)
  • Twist and remove the candle holder (7) from the base, exposing the spring (8)
  • Insert the candle, wick first, into the bottom end of the candle holder
  • Place the spring below the candle and push the bottom end of the candle holder into the top end of the spring guide (9) and twist to lock.

how to load your bushlite


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