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What to pack besides your Bushlite Camping lights


What to pack – besides your Bushlite camping lights.


For me there is nothing worse than arriving at the camp site only to realise you forgot something important. Forgetting is not always a bad thing…depending on what you forgot.

Picture this…it’s Friday afternoon, you’ve been driving for what feels like 12 hours, you’ve checked-in at Golden Gate Nature Reserve – both on Facebook and at the booking office.

You’ve picked a tranquil campsite over-looking the river. Everything is just perfect, you can’t wait to unpack, setup and sit down, relax your legs and just stare into nature.

And then it sinks in…you’ve forgotten the pegs for your tent…luckily Clarens isn’t too far back…sigh.  This is why it’s always a good idea to have a Camping checklist…and to remember to use it…

Well, you managed to source some pegs, you’ve setup your home away from home for the next few days, and now you get to relax. The camp fire is going, and you’ve strategically placed your bushlite camping lights around you and in your tent and all is good in the world again.


Things to remember next time you go Camping…

Have a checklist – you can either draw one up yourself or get one online.  GO Outdoors provides a handy camping checklist, listing the essentials for shelter, sleeping, cooking, Health and safety and even a campsite checklist.  View the full list from GO-Outdoors

Then remember to tell someone where you are going, especially if the camping area is remote (and we have plenty of those in South Africa).  In case you still don’t think that’s reason enough watch 127 hours, it seriously made me think twice about going anywhere remote without letting someone know.

And last but not least, to ensure you have those mesmerizing moments, don’t forget your Bushlite camping lights!

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