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camping lantern

Winter Camping Hacks


Winter camping can be fun, but it can also be just plain freezing. Plan ahead to make your cold-weather camping trip comfortable and fun.

11 Winter Camping Hacks

1 Stay hydrated. It’s easy to get dehydrated in the winter. Eat and drink plenty of carbs.

2 Keep your water bottles upside down so they freeze at the bottom first.

3 Fill coffee/cook pots with water before bed. It’s hard to pour frozen water, but easy to thaw it if it’s already in the pot.

4 Use wooden utensils, not metal ones.
Since metal can get super cold, metal utensils can cause the temperature of whatever you’re cooking to drop quickly. Use wooden or plastic utensils instead.

5 Hook a key ring to your zippers to make them easier to unzip.
When it’s really cold outside and you have on a lot of layers, it can be hard to find your zipper—-especially with cold hands or while you’re wearing very thick gloves. A simple solution is to hook an old key ring on the zipper handle.

6 Avoid Cotton – wear Synthetics.
Whatever you do, don’t wear Cotton Jeans — they take forever to dry. Synthetics are cheaper than wool and do a good job of drawing sweat and moisture away from the body.

7 Put boiling water in your water bottle and sleep with it at your feet.
Fill your water bottle with boiling water (make sure it’s able to withstand boiling temperatures, like a Nalgene) and put a sock around it. Keep it in your sleeping bag for extra warmth. As a Bonus you will have non-frozen water to drink in the morning.

8 Don’t sleep with your face buried under the covers/sleeping bag.
The moisture from your breath will cancel out the insulating properties of your sleeping gear.

9 If you’ve got room in your sleeping bag, keep your clothes for the next day in there with you.
Avoid having big pockets of air between you and the sleeping bag — it’s just more space that you’ll have to expend body heat trying to warm up. Instead, stuff your outfit for the next day in there with you and as a bonus, you won’t have to put on cold clothes in the morning.

10 A zipped up coat or even an empty hiking bag pulled over the foot of a sleeping bag makes an extra layer of insulation.

11 Buy your winter camping essentials when they’re on sale during the summer.
Sportsmans Wharehouse and Outdoorwarehouse usually have a wide variety of camping gear and clothes on sale during their seasonal sales.

Finally – remember to take your Bushlite Camping Lights along! It is robust and safe to use indoors and outdoors.

Camping lights

What to pack besides your Bushlite Camping lights


What to pack – besides your Bushlite camping lights.


For me there is nothing worse than arriving at the camp site only to realise you forgot something important. Forgetting is not always a bad thing…depending on what you forgot.

Picture this…it’s Friday afternoon, you’ve been driving for what feels like 12 hours, you’ve checked-in at Golden Gate Nature Reserve – both on Facebook and at the booking office.

You’ve picked a tranquil campsite over-looking the river. Everything is just perfect, you can’t wait to unpack, setup and sit down, relax your legs and just stare into nature.

And then it sinks in…you’ve forgotten the pegs for your tent…luckily Clarens isn’t too far back…sigh.  This is why it’s always a good idea to have a Camping checklist…and to remember to use it…

Well, you managed to source some pegs, you’ve setup your home away from home for the next few days, and now you get to relax. The camp fire is going, and you’ve strategically placed your bushlite camping lights around you and in your tent and all is good in the world again.


Things to remember next time you go Camping…

Have a checklist – you can either draw one up yourself or get one online.  GO Outdoors provides a handy camping checklist, listing the essentials for shelter, sleeping, cooking, Health and safety and even a campsite checklist.  View the full list from GO-Outdoors

Then remember to tell someone where you are going, especially if the camping area is remote (and we have plenty of those in South Africa).  In case you still don’t think that’s reason enough watch 127 hours, it seriously made me think twice about going anywhere remote without letting someone know.

And last but not least, to ensure you have those mesmerizing moments, don’t forget your Bushlite camping lights!


How to load your bushlite


You’ve bought your very first bushlite and may be asking yourself how do you load your bushlite…

Load your bushlite

  • If you are using standard 400g candles, cut the candle in half. To make use of the bottom half of the candle, pull the tail piece of the wick out of the bottom of the candle and insert the candle upside down…turn your approximately 4 hours of light to 8 hours using both halves of the candle. It would probably be safer to perform the surgical preparation during daylight hours.
  • Twist and remove the base (10)
  • Twist and remove the candle holder (7) from the base, exposing the spring (8)
  • Insert the candle, wick first, into the bottom end of the candle holder
  • Place the spring below the candle and push the bottom end of the candle holder into the top end of the spring guide (9) and twist to lock.

how to load your bushlite


Survive the night with your outdoor bush light


Our bushlite candle lanterns our great for camping, fishing, safaris, hiking, reading, and in case of emergencies, i.e. load shedding. The bush light has great features…

  • Convenient fuel: Our bushlite uses a standard house candle available anywhere in the world.
  • Convenient handle: Brass handle makes our bushlites candle lantern easy to hand and carry.
  • Constant flame height: Our unique spring loaded candle tube keeps the flame height constant.  Our long lasting candles burns up to 6 hours.
  • Anti mosquito capability: Our bushlites has a brass adapter clip that has been designed to fit a standard Doom mat.
  • Economical candle lantern: Our bushlites are affordable to purchase and economical to use.  Other lanterns can cost  up to R20 per hour to operate.  The bushlite costs only a fraction of that to operate.
  • Safe camping light: There are no combustible fuels, no complicated starting procedures, and no naked flames.
  • Reliable camping light: There are no batteries to fail and replace, no mantles or bulbs to break.
  • Environmentally friendly light: There are no batteries or fuel cartridges to dispose.

Campsite light south africa


Outdoor lights – Bushlites are the Editors choice


Outdoor lights – where the bushlite ranks…

Bushlites were ranked as one of the best 6 outdoor lights companions in issue #82 of South Africa’s Go! Magazine.  The outdoor lights were divided into 2 categories:

  • Battery powered outdoor lights
  • Flame powered outdoor lights

The bushlite outdoor light was part of the flame powered category of campsite lights.  The competition included the Cadac Ultra-Lite gas lamp and Dietz Kerosene paraffin lantern.  The bushlite was declared the Editor’s choice in the Outdoor lights flame powered category based on its robust nature and very handy mosquito clip extension.


outdoor lights

Bushlies Outdoor lights


Bushlite Candle Lantern Cleaning Instructions


Your bushlite candle lantern should always look beautiful whilst lighting up your room, tent, campsite, bar area, well basically anywhere you can think of…To ensure your bushlite candle lantern continues to look as good as new, it may require some cleaning from time to time. Below are the step by step for your bushlite candle lantern cleaning instructions.

  • Allow the candle lamp to cool and the wax to harden.
  • Compress all three mantle claws (4) together and lift out the complete mantle unit from which the glass (5) is easily removed.
  • Vigorously rinse the heat deflector and then wipe clean with tissue paper.
  • Polish the glass with tissue or newspaper soaked in spirit for stubborn stains.
  • Separate the outer casing (6), the candle holder and the base and remove any excess wax.
  • Soak all parts in boiling water, wipe clean and reassemble.
  • All brass parts and the silver candle lamps can be polished.

Bushlite candle lantern cleaning instructions-Gauteng


Take this….Bushlite-candle-lantern-cleaning-instructions-Gauteng
And get it looking like this again…